An Additional Six-Month Extension For Goa Floating Casinos

Hands, Playing Cards, Poker, SuitLocated on the southwest coast of the peninsula, Goa is a small state in India with over 1.4 million inhabitants. The territory mainly draws its economy from gambling and is home to no less than 6 sg online casino free credit installed in boats plying the Mandovi River. In addition to physical establishments and luxury hotels, these boats welcome many players. In order to regularize their situation, the local government wants to turn them into land-based casinos, but the deadline is still postponed.

A situation that continues and becomes more complicated with the Covid-19

Very popular with gambling enthusiasts, these boats will have until September 30, 2020 to find an operating location. For 20 years, floating casinos in Goa have attracted the attention of different governments due to several differences over the system of hosting these operators. Top officials are hoping these casinos will stop crossing the Mandovi River. However, no one has succeeded in putting together a solution that could benefit everyone. Many routes have been proposed and each time, the inhabitants of the region have shown their dissatisfaction with receiving such boats on their site. Therefore, the authorities made the decision to turn these boats into physical casinos. For the moment, this project remains uncertain given the situation.

Cards, Hands, Poker, Gambling, CasinoThe government’s inaction is beginning to annoy the city of Panaji by blocking the renewal of the operating licenses for the floating casinos which expired last March. At the same time, the Goa authorities extended the permits for six months on Wednesday April 22, 2020. Currently, the city has not commented on the matter. In any case, all casinos located in the State of Goa are closed to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. The closure took place in the middle of March affecting six floating trusted online casno SIngapore and a few gambling complexes installed in luxury hotels. For now, the government has not yet specified the date of reopening. However, Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi has planned to meet with authorities in all states of the country, this Monday April 27. The discussion will be anchored on the extension of the closure of public places.